Members Information

Good morning member,


Last year the FSCA made a request to the golf club to ask our members if they would like to make an early payment of the subscription. This was taken up by some members and for this the FSCA were most grateful as the input of extra income at the quietest of times made a big difference to their cash flow. It is good to report that this year the finances are in a better position and no request has been made from the FSCA.  However the golf club has been told that if any member would like to pay early then it would be gratefully accepted.  This offer is open on a first come basis for up to 20 members and a time scale is up to the middle of January.

Any member wishing to take this up will be able to pay their subscription at this year’s rate.


The golf club in conjunction with the race course will be undertaking work to clear the stream running parallel with the 8th hole.  This is necessary work as the steam is getting silted up and in place the banks are become eroded and could be dangerous.  There will of course be some disruption to the course but it will be kept under control.  The work is likely to carried out in January 2018.


Further work is being planned for the new year for the new alternate short tee on the 4th hole,

and some more work on the back 3rd tee.  Work to level and correct drainage problems on the 1st / 10th tee which because this is major work this will be planned to take place possibly in the autumn outside of the main competition programme.


The Committee.