At Fakenham we aim to meet all needs of senior golfers in a friendly and inclusive way…
New golfers…if you want to get started our professional has a programme of lessons to suit all abilities and we have members who will take you round the course and help establish a handicap for you so that you can enter competitions, if this appeals to you!
Joining from another club..whether you have mover to the area or want a change of scenery call us to see how best you can get to know our club, and maybe have a round with one of our committee to see if we are for you!
Senior activities.. we meet every Tuesday morning and play in a Seniors, club midweek, or fun competitions.  We play in groups based on order of signing in; so the first three tee off followed by the next three and so on.  We like to mix the groups so that we all get to know each other which fosters a good club atmosphere.
“Roll –ups” every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings; balls go in the hat to determine groups.  Many of our senior members also play in club weekend competitions.
Senior matches.. we have about 28 matches on a home and away basis each summer against other Norfolk clubs, a great chance to meet other club members and visit other courses.  Always a great day out.  The list for each match goes on the board 3-4 weeks in advance; if you want to play just put your name on the list.
To find out more please call the secretary of the club Graham Cocker 01328 855678;  Roger Stanton seniors  captain 01362 688849; David Vaughan Seniors secretary 01328 853387 ;
You will be made most welcome at friendly Fakenham!