The Course

The Fakenham Golf Course is set in and around the Fakenham Race Course. THis gives the Golf Club many advantages due to it’s close affiliation with the race course and The Fakenham Spoorts Centre Association. It also provides a spectacular environment in which to play golf.

Aerial view of the Golf Course with holes marked with yellow arrows
Total yardage with Par and SSS for The Fakenham Golf Course
Total yardage with Par and SSS for The Fakenham Golf Course

Fakenham Golf Course consists of a nine hole par71 (36 out 35 back). The course measures 6245 yards in total and has eight different tees on the back nine. The course is played twice to equal the 18 holes. Priority should be given to those players coming from the 9th green to the 10th tee or to players in competitions.

The following is a hole by hole description of the course.

First and Tenth hole

1st/10th hole: Lay up short of the river or play a long tee shot to put you in range of reaching the green in two.

Second and Eleventh hole

Longer hitters can go for the green. The safe way to play the hole is to take an iron and aim down the left half of the fairway to leave a short approach shot. Out of bounds from tee to green all the way down the left side.

Third and Twelfth hole

A straight tee shot will leave you with an approach shot to a well guarded green.

Fourth and Thirteenth hole

Better to be long with your tee shot than short – all the trouble is at the front of the green with bunkers left and right.

Fifth and Fourteenth hole

A tough par 4 for most golfers, playing for a 5 is the best option.

Sixth and Fifteenth hole

Aim your tee shot at the water tower in the distance to set up your second shot. A tricky green to putt on, make sure you read the green correctly.

Seventh and Sixteenth hole

A 500yd par 5 hole. The marker post is a good line from the tee. If the wind is following, aim slightly to the left of the post.

Eighth and Seventeenth hole

Keep your concentration and play away from the river. Focus on positioning your ball down the left side of the fairway and be positive with your approach shot. Another tricky green to read.

Nineth and Eighteenth hole

9th hole: Another short par 4. Risk going for the green to set up an eagle chance or lay up short of the river with a 6 or 7 iron to leave an easy second shot. 18th hole: This hole will give you a chance to finish with a par 3 or a birdie 2. A tee shot that finds the middle of the green will not be too far from the pin.